Buildcert Residential Building Approval services cover all aspects of the building certification process. Our experienced building certifiers will assess your plans and construction work to ensure they meet all relevant building codes, standards, and regulations. This provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your building is safe and meets the required standards, while also being compliant with local council and government regulations.

Buildcert Building Approvals

Smoothly Navigate the Building Approval Process for Your New Building Works

New Residential Dwellings, Townhouses, Dual Occupancies, Alterations and Additions to Dwellings – we offer reliable and efficient services for Class 1, Class 2, and Class 10a building projects. Our expertise ensures that your residential developments comply with all relevant regulations and requirements, giving you confidence in the safety and compliance of your building.

Approval Solutions for Your Outdoor Living

We provide approval services for Class 10a building projects, including garages, sheds & carports, cabanas, decks, patios, pergolas, and awnings. Our compliance services are tailored to meet your specific outdoor living needs, ensuring that your projects are approved and compliant with local building regulations.
Buidcert Building Approvals
Buidcert Building Approvals

Ensure Safety and Compliance for Your Pool and Barrier Construction

We specialise in Class 10b pool approvals, 10c pool and spa barrier approvals, fencing and retaining wall approvals. Our expertise ensures that your pool and barrier projects comply with safety regulations and requirements, giving you peace of mind that your pool area is safe and compliant.

Expert Guidance for Your Demolition and Insurance Compliance Needs

Demolition Work, Re-roofing and Insurance Approvals – we provide professional services for demolition approvals, ensuring compliance and safety for your demolition projects. We also assist with re-roofing and insurance claims approvals, ensuring that your projects meet all relevant regulations and insurance requirements.
Buidcert Building Approvals

Building Approval Process

Buildcert’s Building Approval Process means you get the best service, every time. We pride ourselves on adding value and exceeding our client’s expectations at every stage of the development process, from start to finish.

Stage 1 – Quote and Initial Review

Submit your project details and our team will review them and send you a quote. Once you receive the quote, simply fill out the Application Forms provided and return them via email to proceed with the acceptance process.

Stage 2 – Approval

Within 3-5 business days of your request, an Information Request (IR) will be issued to you. If additional council applications are required or requested, Buildcert will lodge them on your behalf. Once you have provided all the necessary IR items, your Decision Notice (Building Approval) will be issued, providing you with the green light to proceed with your project.

Stage 3 – Construction and Inspection

Make sure to carefully review your Approval for any conditions. Your Approval documentation will also provide a list of Mandatory Inspections that need to be booked during construction. Once your works are complete, you can schedule a Final Inspection. Upon compliance, an Occupation Certificate will be issued, marking the successful completion of your project.

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Buildcert delivers faster and easier building approvals for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to add value and exceed our client’s expectations at every stage of the development process, from start to finish.

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We have built a reputation for providing a personalised and proactive approach to the building approval process. With wide-ranging experience gained from years in the construction industry, we consistently deliver projects of any size across all residential, commercial and industrial developments.

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