Application Forms

Certificates for Construction, Complying Development, Principal Certifier Appointment and Occupation

To assist you with the application process, you can download PDF versions of each application form and a variety of checklists, depending on your application type. Please click on the relevant application type below which will then display download links for the associated application form and checklist (if applicable). Return the completed form and documentation listed in the checklist to a Buildcert office (email, post, or hand delivered is acceptable). If you have any questions, please contact your local Buildcert office for further assistance.

Please select from one of the following application types:

Construction Certificate Application
Download this application form for a Construction Certificate. This combined form also includes Appointment of Principal Certifier & Occupation Certificate application.
Appointment of Principal Certifier & Commencement Notice
Download this form if you have an approved Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate and you would like to appoint Buildcert as the Principal Certifier (PC).

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