Building Certifiers New England

Are you thinking about embarking on a new construction project in the New England area? Look no further than Buildcert, the premier private building certification company in the region. With our extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, we ensure that your construction plans meet all the necessary regulatory requirements.

Private building certification might sound like a complex process, but it’s an essential step in ensuring the safety and compliance of your project. At Buildcert, we simplify this process for you. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable certifiers guides you through every stage, from plan assessment to final inspection, ensuring your project adheres to building codes, standards, and regulations.

Private building certifiers in New England

Why choose a local private certifier like Buildcert? Firstly, we possess an in-depth understanding of the specific council regulations in Armidale and the surrounding areas of New England. Our familiarity with local requirements allows us to navigate the certification process smoothly and efficiently.

Furthermore, by choosing a local private certifier, you benefit from personalized service and prompt assistance. We prioritise your project, providing tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Our accessibility and responsiveness ensure a hassle-free certification journey, saving you valuable time and resources.

When it comes to private building certification, trust Buildcert to deliver unparalleled expertise, local knowledge, and exceptional customer service. Start your construction project on the right foot with Buildcert by your side.

Building Certifiers New England

Buildcert New England Office

1 Cinders Lane
Armidale NSW 2350

Phone: 02 6776 6266

Service Coverage

Our local coverage area includes (but is not limited to) the following suburbs in the New England area:

  • Armidale
  • Walcha
  • Salisbury Plains
  • Uralla
  • Arding
  • Dangarsleigh
  • Black Mountain
  • Guyra
  • Glencoe
  • Glen Innes
  • Stonehenge
  • Matheson
  • Aberfoyle
  • Wandsworth
  • Inverell
  • Gilgai
  • Bundarra
  • Kingstown
  • Woodsreef
  • Boorolong

Building Approvals & Building Certification Services

At Buildcert, we offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to all your private building certification needs. Our experienced team is equipped to handle diverse projects, from residential dwellings to commercial developments and we provide extensive coverage in the Armidale and New England area. Here’s a list of the diverse range of services that Buildcert offers, paving the way for a hassle-free and efficient building experience.

  • Building Code of Australia Assessment – Our meticulous Building Code of Australia Assessment service helps you avoid pitfalls in the early design stages. Our team scrutinizes your plans and construction documentation against the Building Code of Australia, ensuring compliance in terms of safety, energy efficiency, and accessibility. This service offers invaluable foresight, saving time and resources down the line.

  • Approvals and Certification – Navigating the maze of approvals and certifications can be tedious. Buildcert is here to streamline the process. Whether it’s complying development certificates or construction certificates, Buildcert will help you to secure the necessary approvals for your development project.

  • Complying Development Certificate Assessment and Approval – At Buildcert, we expedite the Complying Development process and ensure that your proposed development complies with all relevant legislation and building standards. Our team takes care of the assessment and approval, ensuring your project adheres to predetermined environmental, land-use, and construction conditions.

  • Mandatory Critical Stage Inspections – Our Mandatory Critical Stage Inspections service ensures your construction project remains compliant at every pivotal point. Our team diligently inspects each stage of construction, from excavation to the final fit-out, ensuring your project is always on track and aligns with the industry standards at every critical juncture.

  • Construction Certificate Assessment & Approval – Buildcert will manage the Construction Certificate process and ensure that the plans and specifications for your approved development are compliant with the National Construction Code, and that all relevant Development Consent conditions are met. This crucial document allows you to commence construction with the peace of mind you deserve.

  • Subdivision Certificates – Planning to subdivide your property? Our expert team helps you procure a Subdivision Certificate, a document asserting that your subdivision plan complies with the relevant conditions of development consent. Partner with Buildcert today to help unlock the potential of your property.

  • Occupation Certificate Issuance: – The issue of an Occupation Certificate is the final piece of the puzzle. We assist you in obtaining this vital certificate, a confirmation that your construction project has been executed correctly, safely, and in line with all relevant regulations, allowing you to occupy or use the building legally.

  • Consultation and Expert Advice: Unsure about your next step? We are here to answer your questions, offer guidance, and provide expert advice on building codes, regulations, and certification requirements. From early planning to final completion, our team of professionals will keep you ahead of the curve.

Our team at Buildcert is committed to safeguarding your peace of mind throughout the building process. We stand by our commitment to delivering exceptional service, making your construction journey as smooth and hassle-free as possible.  With our extensive services, you can focus on what truly matters – turning your dream project into reality. Call us today on 1300 457 400 or email

The Complying Development Process in New South Wales

So, you’re looking to build or renovate in New South Wales? That’s exciting! But before you start picking out paint colors, let’s have a closer look at the Complying Development process. Complying development is a fast- track approval process for straight forward residential, commercial and industrial developments. If the project meets specific development standards, it can be assessed and determined by a council or a registered certifier without the need for a full Development Application (DA).

  • 1

    Determine What Type of Residential Development You Are Proposing
    What’s the plan? Are you building a new house? Adding an extra room? Pool in the backyard? Knowing exactly what you’re planning to build is important because different types of projects have different rules. We can help you correctly identify the category of development and help to identify the rules that apply.

  • 2

    Determine if Your Project is Exempt Development
    Some projects don’t need any formal approval because they are considered “exempt”. Exempt Developments are generally minor construction work and renovations such as building a fence or adding a small shed. We can help you identify if your proposed project is considered an Exempt Development.

  • 3

    Confirm if Complying Development is Permissible on Your Land
    Now we need to find out if you can use the Complying Development process for your project. Sometimes, land that is impacted by heritage or environmental sensitivities have restrictions which means Complying Development is not permissible. The best way to determine permissibility is by obtaining a Section 10.7 Planning Certificate. You can purchase this from Infocert or your local council.

  • 4

    Confirm if Your Project Meets the Relevant Development Standards
    This is a very important step. Your project has to follow certain rules called development standards. These rules have constraints such as how big your project can be, how much outdoor space you need, and how far from the edges of your land your building should be. It is always prudent to consult with your builder or developer to make sure your project meets these standards, however, Buildcert will assess your plans to avoid any issues down the track.

  • 5

    Confirm Your Project Meets All Other Requirements
    Besides the basic standards, there’s some additional requirements you and your developer need to be aware of. This includes building specifications, fire safety measures, and structural integrity. Buildcert reference the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards, and any other rules to ensure compliance.

  • 6

    Lodge a Complying Development Certificate Application
    The last step is to apply for a Complying Development Certificate, or CDC for short. This is the green light you need before you can start building. You can apply through Buildcert or your local council. Make sure to provide your detailed plans and any required documents.

You can learn more by reading about Buildcert’s Complying Development Certificate Approval process or by visiting the NSW Government Planning Portal .

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us guide you through the Complying Development process. Unlock the potential of your construction projects with our reliable and efficient services. Don’t leave compliance to chance—choose our trusted private building certifiers and experience the difference for yourself. Together, we can ensure the success of your construction project.

Project Expertise


Buildcert building certifiers can provide you with building approvals, building certification and professional consultancy services for residential and commercial projects of all sizes, including:

Residential Developments

New Dwellings
Multi Units and Townhouses
Dual Occupancies
Alterations and Additions to Dwellings
Secondary Dwellings (Granny Flats)
Swimming Pools, Spas, Fences and Retaining Walls
Garages, Sheds, Carports, Cabanas, Decks, Studios, Patios, Pergolas and Awnings
Demolition Work

Residential Accommodation

Seniors Living
Aged Care/Nursing Homes
Residential Flat Buildings
Group Homes
Boarding Houses

Commercial and Industrial Developments

Bulky Goods Retail
Mixed-Use Development
Shop Fit-Outs
Industrial Buildings

Health Care Buildings

Day Surgery Clinics
Medical Centres
Health Consulting Rooms

Educational Establishments

Schools (Primary and Secondary)
Tertiary Education Institutions
Child-Care Centres
Home Based Child-Care

Entertainment Buildings

Entertainment Venues

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