Complying Development Certificate Approval with Buildcert

A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) combines planning and construction approval for straightforward developments. A CDC can be approved when a proposed development complies with pre-determined development standards set under State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPP).

This process allows a fast-track assessment by a certifying authority, which may be either Council or an Accredited Certifier. The purpose of this certificate is to certify that the proposed building works will comply with all relevant legislation and building standards.

Types of work that are eligible for Complying Development Approval include:

  • Pools and Spas
  • Sheds, Retaining Walls and Decks
  • Carports and Garages
  • New Dwellings
  • Granny Flats
  • Alterations and Additions
  • Renovations
  • Some Commercial and Industrial Projects

The Planning NSW has an extensive guide outlining what needs to be considered for Complying Development. Feel free to read the guide and contact us if you have any further questions.

What is the process for a Complying Development Certificate Approval? 

The Complying Development Certificate approval process can be broken down into three sections: 

  1. Quote and Initial Review 
  2. Assessment and Approval 
  3. Construction and Occupation Certificate 

Stage 1 – Quote & Initial Review

During the first stage of this process, your project will be reviewed by our team in order to understand the requirements of your project. A quote for the Complying Development Certificate Approval, all required inspections, and an occupation certificate will be provided.

Should further review be required for Complying Development Certificate (CDC) permissibility, an optional CDC Pre Assessment can be included in the quote, where your architectural plans will be reviewed by one of our Certifiers against the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) prior to lodgement.

Complying Development Certificate Approval with Buildcert Stage 1

Stage 2 – Assessment & Approval

Upon acceptance of the quote and completed application forms, your application will proceed through the Complying Development Certificate Approval pathway.

Our team will formally lodge it on the NSW Planning Portal, and our certifiers will complete a comprehensive review against the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP), Building Code of Australia (BCA) and perform a site inspection.

If required, our Certifier will then present a Request for Information (RFI) outlining documentation and/or information to provide. Once these additional requirements have been met, the certifier can issue your Approval.

Complying Development Certificate Approval with Buildcert Stage 2

Stage 3 – Construction & Occupation Certificate 


You may need to provide some prior to commencement items which will be listed on your approval. 

Once these are provided, and we are appointed as your Principal Certifier we issue your notice of commencement, and you can start construction in two days!  

It is mandatory for our team to carry out inspections at critical stages (noted on your approval) to ensure your project is constructed to BCA requirements and consent conditions.  Upon completion, our team can issue your Occupation Certificate upon your final inspection and documentation received to demonstrate the project complies.

Complying Development Certificate Approval with Buildcert Stage 3

The team at Buildcert is well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to discuss the potential for your project to be completed under Complying Development Certificate approval or to answer any specific queries you may have. 

What you need to get started on your Complying Development Certificate Approval

  • Plans – Please note providing construction-ready plans (generally completed by a draftsman or architect) will allow your certifier to streamline your application and make a comprehensive assessment of your project promptly.
  • Title Search / DP & 88b. (We can include in our quote)
  • 10.7 Planning Certificate (We can include in our quote)

Our goal is to fast-track your application and allow you to build with certainty. Head over to our Request a Quote page for a free quote on your project.

Contact Buildcert on 1300 457 400 to speak with our friendly staff.

Get started on your CDC Approval with Buildcert
Complying Development Certificate Approval

Benefits of a Complying Development Certificate Approval with Buildcert

  • Seamless Approval by an Accredited Private Certifier

  • Potential approval to build within 1-2 weeks.

  • Buildcert coordinate all functions required in the NSW Planning Portal on your behalf.

  • Online Booking Inspections with Next Day Inspection (if booked before 3pm)

  • A dedicated client manager and certifier for your project 

  • Largest geographical coverage of any certifying authority in NSW 

More reasons to work with Buildcert for your Building Approval

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