Subdivision Certification

Subdivision can be a way of unlocking the potential in your existing property.

Subdivision certification ensures that proposed subdivisions meet planning controls and don’t harm the environment or impact public safety.

The subdivision certification process can be daunting for many NSW developers, builders and homeowners. But by taking advantage of expert subdivision Certifiers, subdivision does not need to be a scary or lengthy process.

Buildcert has partnered with Specialist Subdivision Certification experts, Landcert. This unique partnership streamlines and accelerates the entire subdivision and building certification process across NSW. Together we provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to subdivision and building certification. Our team utilises finely-tuned processes and technology to accelerate project timeframes and deliver positive outcomes for our clients.

If you are planning to subdivide your land, the first step is to get in touch with our team. We can advise if you need to lodge a DA with your local Council or if you can take advantage of the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code for Complying Development. Once your application has been lodged, Landcert will be able to assess your development and provide you with a Subdivision Certificate if everything is in order.

Landcert Subdivision Certifiers

Subdivision Certification Pathways in NSW

There are several types of Subdivision Certificates that are utilised in NSW:

  • Complying Development Certificates – Both Torrens and Strata Title
  • Subdivision and Strata Certificates
  • Subdivision Works Certificates

Please see below for a general overview of the different pathways.

Complying Development Certificate (Torrens and Strata)

Did you know you can subdivide using Complying Development legislation?

By utilising the Low-Rise Housing Diversity Code and the Subdivision Code, developers and homeowners can use Complying Development Certificates for the development and subdivision of a wide range of building types, such as:

  • Dual Occupancies,
  • Terraces,
  • Manor Houses,

Our Subdivision and Strata Certifiers can complete the entire approval process privately to avoid unnecessary delays through the Council approval process.

‍We ensure you are aware of the steps in the process and any requirements you may need to address before the registration of your lots. This ensures you are in the best position to fast-track your development.

Subdivision Certification using Complying Development
Subdivision Certification using Strata Certificates

Strata Subdivision

Strata Subdivision is a form of subdivision that allows for the creation of lots where planning controls or development type may prevent a Torrens Title form of Subdivision.

Strata Subdivision is an effective way to subdivide developments where Torrens title cannot be completed. It can be used for developments including, but not limited to:

  • Dual Occupancies,
  • Terrace Housing,
  • Residential Flat Buildings
  • Commercial/Industrial units

Subdivision Works Certificate

We have extensive experience in issuing Subdivision Works Certificates (formerly Construction Certificates) through almost all Councils within New South Wales. Once you have received your Council Approval, we can get you on the ground and working faster.

Our team have experience across the full range of developments and routinely issues Subdivision Works Certificates (SWC) for subdivisions creating hundreds of lots, including roads, drainage, onsite detention and water treatment devices.

The team’s expertise allows us to effectively evaluate your plans and either grant approval or give straightforward instructions to get you on the ground and working sooner.

Our experienced Certifiers can help you start your development faster, reduce expenses, and increase profits.

Subdivision Certification using Subdivision Works Certificates

Benefits of using the Buildcert + Landcert partnership

Landcert and Buildcert expert certifiers

Landcert was established to make the process simpler and more streamlined. Their team of experts has a wealth of experience working with all the different professionals and stakeholders involved in a subdivision, from Council staff and surveyors to builders and planners. They can help explain the Low-Rise Housing Diversity Code, Subdivisions Code, and Strata Subdivision Legislation and guide you through the process.

The main benefit of using the Buildcert + Landcert partnership is that we can help take the guesswork out of the building and subdivision certification process. Our expert team is familiar with the relevant legislation and can help ensure that your subdivision complies with all the requirements. In addition, our partnership means we can offer a one-stop solution for all your subdivision and building certification needs.

If you are planning a subdivision in NSW, contact us today to see how we can help you streamline the process of subdividing your property.

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