Fee Proposal Terms & Conditions

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Our services are subject to 10% GST.


Variations to the design initiated by the client, which require a Section 4.55 application, reassessment, or the issue of a new Complying Development Certificate (CDC) or Construction Certificate (CC), will be subject to additional costs where appropriate. Modified statements, applications or certificates are subject to a fee of 40% of the original assessment fee or $200 plus GST, whichever is the greater.  An additional $36.00 Council Archiving fee will be required for any modified CC or CDC.

Hourly rates

Any planning work that may be required to be completed post lodgement and/or outside the specified scope of works will be charged at the following hourly rates:

  • Planning Manager – $220.00 / hour
  • Senior Planner – $180.00 / hour
  • Clerical / Administration – $90.00 / hour


In accordance with Clause 19A of the Building Professionals Regulation 2007, and your acceptance of this fee agreement, payment shall be received in full at the time of initial lodgement of an application. Developments not completed within 24 months of the date of an approval may be subject to additional fees for that portion of the services still outstanding.


The above fees exclude disbursement of other consultancy fees (such as stormwater designs, engineering, surveys, landscaping, geotechnical & acid sulphate soil reports) other than those detailed. Quotes can be coordinated for any additional consultancy services that may be required.

Agreed Terms

Lodgement of an application with Buildcert confirms your acceptance of our fee agreement. The fee agreement will be reviewed annually.


Critical stage inspection numbers have been quoted based on the development type. Our quote includes the number of inspections nominated in the fee schedule. Additional inspections may be charged where this is exceeded and will be invoiced separately.

Long Service Levy

Long Service Levy is a NSW Government fee which is required to be paid prior to the issue of a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate, where works are valued at $25,000 and above. The Long Service Levy is calculated at 0.35% of the construction value.


Our Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance policies are available on request.


Should the project or our services be terminated, a partial refund may be payable, calculated on the basis of a percentage of the services completed.