Building Certifiers Singleton

Buildcert is a provider of residential and commercial building approvals, inspections and certification in Singleton NSW. 

Our accredited certifiers have extensive local knowledge of building regulations in Singleton and use their expertise to ensure compliance with the health & safety, design and environmental standards specified under New South Wales building codes.

What is building certification?

Building certificates are written authorisations issued by the NSW Government to construct a project. They are required for most construction or renovation projects, in order to ensure the safety of the construction and its compliance with building codes.

The main purpose of obtaining a building certificate is to ensure safety. By enforcing proper safety standards, you and other occupants of your building are guaranteed the best opportunity to avoid any safety hazards during and after the construction process.

Building Certifiers Singleton - Buildcert

When do I need to obtain building certification?

Construction projects are likely to require a certificate if you plan to change the structure or use of a building or have the potential to create unsafe working conditions. You will need a building certificate to start a new construction, change the use of a building, undertake renovations and demolish all or some of your property.

Buildcert’s certifiers can help you to determine which certificates your construction project needs. Different certificates and inspections apply to each type and stage of development, some of which include:

  • Preliminary Complying Development checks

  • Construction Certificates

  • Complying Development Certificates

  • Occupation Certificates

  • Mandatory Construction Inspections as the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)

  • Building Consultancy and Advice on the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

Complying Development Certificate Singleton

Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is issued by a private certifier and is a much quicker approval option than the Council Development Application system.

Buildcert’s accredited certifiers in Singleton are permitted to issue direct certification without council intervention and will generally require the following documentation to carry out the assessment: 

  • Floor plans

  • Site plan

  • Engineering plans

  • Basix certificate

  • Drainage plan

Building Certifiers Buildcert
Building Certifiers Singleton - Buildcert
Building Certifiers Singleton - Buildcert

Development Planning Singleton

A building development plan is essential for the success of a building project. A well thought-out plan provides guidelines that the construction manager can use to their advantage. Buildcert creates a comprehensive plan that outlines the details of the construction project including planning, compliance and environment assessments and approvals.

We offer our clients a streamlined approach to preparing, lodging and managing applications from the initial concept through to completion to help you minimise risks and costs.

Buildcert’s range of development planning, town planning and environmental planning services in Singleton include:

  • Development applications and strategic planning

  • Environmental assessments

  • Due diligence reporting

  • BASIX Certificates

  • NatHERS Assessments

  • Supporting planning services

Apply for a building certificate and approval in Singleton

Buildcert’s accredited team will assess your development to determine approval for development certificates. Our certifiers in Singleton are regulated by the Building Professionals Board and follow strict accreditation criteria to ensure your construction adheres to the highest building code standards.

We work alongside architects, designers, builders, developers and homeowners to provide building certification and building approvals in Singleton and can assist you throughout the entire approval process for all types of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Contact our accredited building certifiers in Singleton

To determine whether your construction project needs a building certificate you should consult with a professional building certifier in Singleton.

If you have any questions about development planning, building certification, building approvals or about our certifying services in Singleton, please call us on 1300 457 400 or email and a member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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