Where a Development Application (DA) is required, the usual steps in the process are:

  • Buildcert can assist in undertaking appropriate site analysis and assessments to understand any site constraints, such as flooding, bushfire risk or soil/slope constraints for example.
  • Completion of appropriate plans/drawings for your development proposal to accommodate site constraints, as best as practical, is the next step in the process.
  • Once plans are complete, Buildcert organises the appropriate review and endorsement from government authorities, such as the Water Authority, which is usually required prior to the lodgement of your DA.
  • At the same time your plans are being endorsed by other authorities, Buildcert prepares the application in readiness for lodging with Council. This would normally include preparation of a Statement of Environmental Effects (SoEE) to support your development, which addresses the potential impacts your development may have on the environment and surrounding neighbours.
  • Buildcert will regularly communicate with Council to track the progress of the application, in an effort to ensure Council has sufficient information to allow a timely assessment. Buildcert will update clients regularly throughout this process.
  • Should Council require any additional information throughout the assessment process, Buildcert will liaise with you to work on providing a rapid response and solution to Council’s request.
  • Once the DA is approved by Council, no works can commence until a Construction Certificate is obtained.